The IQ Foundation has adopted a 1|1|1 philosophy as a holistic approach to resourcing, incorporating profit (EBITDA), services and time. Of its resources, the IQ Foundation has committed 80% to sustainable (proactive) initiatives and 20% to relief (reactive) initiatives. Furthermore the IQ Foundation tries to allocate half of its resources to human initiatives and half of its resources to nature initiatives. The IQ Foundation has eight sustainable initiatives, which it currently supports.

Shooting Stars
Shooting Stars focuses getting IQers involved in a series of annual South African CSR activities including SANBS blood drives, Casual Day, CANSA Shavathon, Mandela Day and many more.Star

Greening IQ
Greening IQ is an internal initiative which advocates environmental sustainability within IQ


Metro Evangelical Services (MES)
MES is a registered non-profit organisation that has been serving the homeless and destitute community to change the heart of the city of Johannesburg. IQ’s employees are involved in MES through initiatives such as the Joshua Project, MES Crèche Children and Corporate Service Days.Metro

My Life Camp
An annual camp held by IQ to ignite the fire in teenage scholars to take ownership of their lives. We have partnered with Tomorrow Trust and their network of schools to build on their education interventions.My life

Tomorrow Trust
The Tomorrow Trust is the pioneer of exit strategy and sustainability for orphan and vulnerable children through education in South Africa. Through a network of schools and grassroots-level organizations, or “key” organizations, the Tomorrow Trust identifies the children and youth most in need of educational intervention.TOmorrow trust

Starfish Greathearts Foundation
Starfish builds capacity of local communities to better manage health, education and child protection support programmes for children orphaned or vulnerable. Through the IQ Foundation our organisation supports Starfish using various channels, aligned to Profit, Service and Time. We currently support a community feeding scheme and members of our executive are active members of the Starfish Board.Starfish

The CHOC Cows
The CHOC Cows are a group of people on a mission to change the world, one paddock at a time. Armed with the slogan “Love Living Life” they aim to raise funds for CHOC, the childhood cancer foundation through cycling and running races.choccow

Endangered Wildlife Trust
IQ’s employees are involved in multiple initiatives relating to wildlife responsibility programmes, including sponsoring events and project involvement. IQ offers its expertise in technology infrastructure and donates reconditioned computers and hardware to EWT. As part of a commitment to drive corporate social responsibility IQ is making sure it is a company that contributes to its environment.endangered