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Graduate Programme Graduate Programme

The IQ Business Internship Programme is all about giving the sharpest, most passionate graduates the chance to hone their abilities as they get their hands dirty doing real work across a variety of different clients. This 12-month internship programme will run from January 2018 to January 2019.

Applicants need to have achieved an undergraduate degree prior to starting the internship programme, and must have a valid South African ID document

Applications open: 1 April 2017

Application close: 27 August 2017

Recruitment Process

1 April Graduate applications open

27 August Graduate applications close

Early September First round interviews

22 September logIQs

Benefits & Perks Benefits & Perks

There’s more to living your best life than earning the big bucks (though those don’t hurt). That’s why, at IQ Business, we want you to take home more than just a pay slip. We make sure our people get benefits and perks that help flourish, both professionally, and in their private lives.

At IQ Business, everyone learns, all the time. That’s why we continually offer internationally certified courses to keep you at the cutting edge of what you’re doing. And what you’re doing is going to change all the time, as we want our interns to spend time on different projects, letting you get the widest range of exposure and hands-on experience.

One of the things we’ve long since learned at IQ Business, is that you have to have a plan. That’s why we have built a programme to get our interns up to speed, and allow them to find their business passion. We call it the BasIQs.
It’s a year-long adventure that combines mentorship with formal and informal learning. You’ll quickly learn the basics, then be expected to master more through both theoretical courses and exams, as well as by doing the job, on-site, then and there. All the while, you’ll have the support of your mentor – a senior IQer – as well as the team you’ll be working with for your first year.

We know you’re going to work hard. But we also want you to play hard too. And it’s not just a cliché: it matters. So, because there’s more to success than can be measured in a spreadsheet, we make sure there’s always plenty to keep you engaged through our SoChill club. They run sports, fitness, cooking, theatre as well as organising drinks and special tickets to major events around Joburg.

What’s the point of asking you to go above and beyond, if you’re not rewarded for it? We give you urIQas (you are an IQer acknowledged) for being exceptional, which can be cashed out for vouchers at various retailers.

When you feel better, you do better. That’s why, on top of all the sport you can do with SoChill, we’ve got a few ways to keep you going. Like our annual wellness day, with experts coming in to help us work out how we can be fitter, faster and more productive, or our on-site 24/7 gym with a wide range of equipment to get the blood pumping.

Photo of Lucy Orrie

Lucy Orrie

Lucy is a recruitment specialist, and also focuses on helping people find the right career-path to make the most of their talents.

+27 11 259 4039

Photo of Bessie Nkashe

Bessie Nkashe

Bessie is in charge of the Human Capital Projects within IQ Business, looking to ensure that everyone keeps learning and growing.

+27 11 259 4054

IQ Foundation

The IQ Foundation is the Corporate Social Responsibility entity of IQ Business. Its vision is to harness the passion of every IQ employee to build a better South Africa. We split our resources 50:50 between people- and nature-focused initiatives, so that we know our staff will be able to work on projects that really mean something to them.

Explore our current initiatives:

My Life Camp
Greening IQ
Endangered Wildlife Trust
Shooting Stars
Tomorrow Trust