IQbusiness is Now a Certified Level 1 B-BBEE Contributor

It’s a mind shift, a behavioural and actionable one, too.

Client Centricity challenges businesses to move away from the more conventional, product-led approach, towards strategies and approaches that are guided by customer needs.


IQbusiness, together with our partners Genex and nudge, provides businesses with the customer-centric measurement solutions that allow for the accurate identification of customer needs and preferences. We also assess customer experiences and offer insights that direct more precise and detailed business decision making.

We help our clients magnetise their customer experience to safeguard their top line, and grow their bottom line, by:

Honing their understanding of their Customer and Market

CX starts in the boardroom, not in projects. Build a customer-centric framework that supports you to become innately customer-centric. Then, put yourselves into your customers’ shoes. Understand that they are humans first, and customers second. This helps you empathise and work out what the real challenges are that you need to solve for them. Their journey doesn’t start and end with your product or service, but your journey to customer-centricity must start and end with them.

Designing Experiences to increase reach and engagement on the channels
that matter

Designing superior customer experiences is no longer a nice to have, nor a differentiator. It’s your ticket to the game. Customers expect frictionless experiences across digital and physical channels, and from everybody they interact with. We help you use design thinking to craft superior user experiences on channels that your customers expect you to serve them in.

Turning customer information into actionable insights at the point of engagement

Customer data and analytics, when woven into the fabric of your experience design initiatives, enables you to hyper-personalise key brand and customer touchpoints. We help you use customer data like a strategic asset, in real-time, to ensure that information becomes insight and insight becomes wisdom.


Business is highly competitive. The leading edge is reserved for those who can reimagine change as growth, irrespective of industry sector. IQbusiness has specialist skills in dedicated teams that address your particular industry challenges.



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