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Business Process Management (BPM) can be used as a tool to facilitate the tackling of “burning platform” issues. After the “burning platforms” have been addressed, however, what approach should an organisation take to identifying the next point of focus?

80% of an organisation’s processes act as enablers, but do not add to the company’s competitive edge.

The remaining 20% of processes are where there is opportunity to out perform competitors and drive results.

BPM should be used as not just a tool to drive execution, but also as a lens through which to view a business. Using our Targeting Value approach, honed through years of consulting experience, organisations can identify what their critical processes are. By defining a prioritised process agenda around such areas, you can align strategy with execution and deliver continued, sustainable value from your BPM discipline.

What you will learn

  • Translate corporate strategy into actionable value drivers
  • Develop a process agenda to deliver fast results and lasting capabilities
  • Deliver transparency, agility, innovation, and more through BPM
  • Develop a structured approach to delivering value in your organisation
  • Identify business critical functions & processes
  • Pragmatically plan the way forward for your organisation

Who Should Attend?

Executives and process leaders that recognise the need for a structure approach to deploying BPM, aligning execution with strategy.