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Establishing a sustainable practise around creating, deploying and managing process assets is a sizable challenge. Through referencing our years of consulting experience helping organisations tackle just such a challenge, we have defined a framework on which a sustainable repository management practise can be built.

Learn how to identify and address each of the five pillars of a value-driven repository management approach in this workshop. Define your usage scenarios, such that all process projects have a goal in mind and deliver value. Discern what information is needed to deliver the required results, and the format to document it in. Put in place the governance structure to accommodate all required roles and responsibilities. Finally enable the repository’s population by selecting and deploying a modelling tool.

What you will learn

  • Use value targeting to align initiatives with business strategy
  • Analyse As-Is processes and identify improvement opportunities
  • Prepare improvement actions and prepare To-Be processes
  • Create work packages and execution plans
  • Deliver transparency, agility, innovation, and more through BPM
  • Apply a value-driven approach to digitalisation
  • Develop a process agenda to deliver fast results and lasting capabilities
  • Pragmatically plan the way forward for your organisation

Who Should Attend?

Managerial level personnel looking for an approach to defining a strategically aligned improvement agenda, around a key business process or function, for the future.