Agile Report

Agile Report

Exploring Good Practices and Maturity of Agile Adoption in South Africa

Our latest research on the maturity and adoption of Agile in South Africa shows that while these practices are approaching maturity within the IT environment, a significant number of larger organisations still appear to be lagging in the move to Agile outside of the IT function.

We surveyed 276 senior level executives and Agile practitioners from a range of company sizes and industries. The online survey delved into the effects that Agile is having in the local marketplace, quantifying the expected and actual benefits of Agile adoption and identifying where it can be improved, for current and future organisations. It also uncovers the challenges that these organisations experience when going on this journey.

The online survey was supplemented by in-depth interviews, with industry experts including leaders and Agile consultants within organisations, who are currently adopting Agile within their teams and organisations.

We found that most executives started out by adopting Agile as a means to accelerate product delivery but end up realising other, often unexpected, more valuable benefits.

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Agile Report

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