Do Retail Right

Creating a great product or offering is only half the challenge. You’ve got to sell it, too. Our passionate consultants will help your business through every step of the retail process to truly unlock your business’s potential. By spending time getting hands on with your challenges, they’ll be able craft solutions that match the actual needs of your business and drive your commercial success.

The Basics

Get your fundamentals right. That means having products at a price your customers love, and, more importantly, can find. We can help you get these basic in place in a number of ways, from retail consulting, through to strategic partnerships, contracting and our Retail School.

Engineer your Customer Journey

Create a seamless customer experience by taking advantage of our data analytics and forecasting, and tying it to proactive, multichannel customer communications. Our CEM methodology will touch every step of the journey, ensuring you get more sales by talking to your customer at the right time, in the right way.

End-to-End Supply Chain Management

Your business depends on what it can deliver. Getting every step of the process right, from raw materials to the shopping environment thoroughly vetted and optimised, is how you ensure you’re not held back by unforeseen bottlenecks and losses. Our vast experience with working capital management will help you optimise the process and maximise your business potential.

Brand with feeling

It’s not enough to create the perfect product or even to make your customers love your product. Your employees need to feel the brand love too. We can help you craft the right strategy to turn your offering into something that your people can connect with, allowing them to become your best brand ambassadors.


Retail Leadership profiles

Annabel Bean
Retail Lead

Dinesh Tomar
Supply Chain Business Developer

Maud le Hello
Working Capital Management specialist

Emma Marsay
Senior Buyer

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