What we do

Our team helps businesses grow by solving problems and finding new and better ways of doing things.

At IQ Business, we believe we are redefining management consulting to be more responsive to the challenges our clients face. Whether these challenges can be tackled by leveraging research from IQ Business and our partners, assigning IQ teams to design and implement solutions, or deploying point expertise to fill a skills gap, we will ensure our clients overcome their business challenges.

Our clients demand a new value proposition from management consulting to be more cost effective, faster, more innovative and have people with real expertise and experience.

Through our client assignments, our mission is quite simply to add value in everything we do.


Growth requires knowledge of markets, of customers and of stakeholders that your organisation engages in. Being knowledgeable requires you to gather data about your stakeholders and then to apply critical thinking to these data sets, gaining insights that give you a competitive advantage.


Our team of experts add value to your organisation by designing solutions that enable your business and your people to grow. We do this through our offerings that have been designed to make a difference in your business, whether it is in a specific focused area across your entire business.


Are you looking for an effective team to implement projects, change and better ways in your business? We deploy the following point expertise to fill your skills gaps:
Business Analysts
BI and Data Analysts
Change Managers
E-learning Developers
Management Accountants
Process Engineers
Project Managers
Risk Analysts
Scrum Masters
Software Developers
System Analysts
Test Analysts

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